14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hilarious Or Cruel? Dad's 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' Blog Showcases Toddler Tantrums

Hilarious or cruel? Dad's 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' blog showcases toddler tantrums

This is so wrong that in some warped way, it's hilariously right. For a dad has created an online community dedicated to photos of toddlers having tantrums!

Gary Pembroke, from Rochester, New York, began taking mid-tantrum photos of his sons Charlie, 22 months, and William, three-and-a-half, and captioning the images with the mostly unreasonable reasons for the boys' tears.

Before he knew it, his Tumblr photo blog 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' became a worldwide hit and is now accepting photographic contributions from parents worldwide.

The best ones will be entered into a contest to win a camera.

The hilarious tags range from 'I broke his cheese in half' and 'I wiped the dirt off his pear', to 'we asked him to stop hitting his brother with a plastic wand' and 'his milk was in the wrong cup'.

Gary, who writes commercials for radio stations and is married to Charity, a physical therapist, initially began his light-hearted hobby by posting images and captions on his personal Facebook page.

But when friends began telling him they wanted to share his jokes with their own friends, they encouraged him to launch a blog. Within five days his Tumblr page had gone viral, and was being featured in news outlets, websites and magazines all over the world.

Gary told Mail Online: "I started it for a bit of fun, and it got big completely by accident. The first photo we did was the cheese one. I broke it in half after he asked me to, and when he got upset I thought his reaction was so hilariously unreasonable. It went from there.

"Some of the funniest contributions I've had are one from Australia with a picture of a little boy crying his face off because his mother unwrapped a chocolate biscuit.

"Then there's a little girl in China whose mum didn't pick her up quickly enough, and a girl in South Korea who is literally crying over spilled milk."

Gary is now publishing global contributions to his site, and has launched a contest to find the funniest reason for a child crying, with the best one winning a digital camera, donated to him by Sony.

Greg and his wife will pick the 10 best submissions and put them to a vote on Tumblr. Submissions can be entered here until 15 May.

See the best entries so far in our gallery below...