Hilarious Texts Sent By Parents To Their Long-Suffering Kids

This collection of bizarre text messages that despairing youngsters have received from their out-of-touch parents is a hilarious reminder of the way technology can make the generation gap seem wider than ever.

Some of them will make you giggle at the tendency for parents to expose themselves as Luddites when it comes to mobile phones.

"Look and see if I left my phone outside," orders one confused mum via text, to the despair of her long-suffering offspring, who answers: "Ummm mom, you texted me from your phone".

In one particularly cringeworthy example of the painfully un-with-it parent, a mum confuses her child with the seemingly heartless message that 'your aunt just died LOL'.

It quickly becomes clear that Mum has not been briefed on the fact that the abbreviation ceased to mean 'lots of love' a long time ago (tell David Cameron that), and now she simply appears to be laughing at the deceased.

But not all the chuckles are at the expense of the older generation. One canny mother gets one up on a child who ignores a series of texts reminding them to do their homework and unload the dishwasher by adding "Dad and I talked, we are going to buy you a car next month".

When the lazy teen immediately emerges from the woodwork with an 'OMG thank u!', Mum lays down the smack. "No. We're not. I just wanted to make sure you were getting my texts."

It just goes to show that even in this age of instant messaging, parents and children will never quite get each other.

In fact, with the awkward text-speak, technological cluelessness and painful misunderstandings that mobile phones seem to bring out in the older generation, it's a wonder parents and kids manage to communicate at all!

Take a look at the best of the bunch in the gallery below.