14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Holy Cow! Cattle Farmer Delivers His Own Baby

Holy cow! Cattle farmer delivers his own baby

A dad who delivered his baby son in the back of the family car has said his years as a cattle farmer stood him in good stead as a midwife.

Jonny Fuller told his local paper he 'simply went into action mode' when his wife, Tamsind Duffety-Fuller, 38, started having strong contractions as they drove to the Rosie hospital in Cambridge.

Jonny, 35, was forced to stop the car, and parked up in the first available spot - outside a Homebase store in Newmarket!

Little Robert was born in the back of their 4x4 less than half an hour later.

"Tamsind didn't tell me she was having contractions until around 11am that morning so I thought right, we'd better get her to the hospital," Jonny said.

"I called the Rosie to tell them we'd be driving over there and off we went in the truck. We got to Newmarket and Tasmind all of a sudden shouted at me to stop the truck there and then. It was obvious Robert was in a hurry to get out.

"I panicked a bit and just looked around for the nearest place to stop so I pulled into the car park at Homebase."

Jonny said he called for an ambulance but had no choice but to deliver the baby himself because 'things were really happening quickly'.

"I chucked everything off the back seats of the truck, got Tamsind comfortable in the back and by the time I'd done that little Robert's head was out," the proud dad said.

"A police car arrived before the ambulance did and I have a horrible feeling that somebody thought I was up to no good with a woman and called police. There were quite a few people around!"

Jonny said he cut Robert's cord once the ambulance arrived and the whole family went off to the hospital for a check up.

Both mum and baby were allowed home the same evening.

"I definitely think being a farmer helps in circumstances like this," Jonny said.

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