14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

How Nicole Kidman Became Grace Of Monaco

It's one thing playing royalty, but replicating the style of a true fashion icon is another matter all together.

We spoke to Gigi Lepage, the costume designer for Grace of Monaco, to find out how she transformed Nicole Kidman into Grace Kelly.

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to glamorous, elegant style. Was it easy to replicate Kelly's 1950s look on her?
Yes, since it wasn't an historical film, I felt free in terms of the plot to create costumes to suit and fit Nicole.


Cartier recreated the jewellery for the film. Which other designers made pieces for you to use?
We were very lucky with the support from fashion houses. Christian Dior reproduced two magnificent women's suits designed by Marc Bohan, then the artistic director of Dior. Chanel also collaborated with us in recreating a suit ensemble and Hermes helped us with Kelly's scarves as well as the Kelly handbag archives.

For shoes, we contacted Salvatore Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo and all her gloves were made exclusively by Maison Fabre. Alexandre Barthet, son of Jean Barthet who was the princess's milliner designed the hats and Philippine Pinton, granddaughter of Francois Pinton, Grace of Monaco's eyewear designer, designed the eyewear for us. Lastly, Swarovski came on board for the realisation of the crystal ball gown.

What is your favourite fashion moment from the film?
The red dress in front of church and the "duck blue" women suit at Cartier's. Nicole looks truly brilliant in both.


What three items to do you need to get Grace Kelly's signature look?
It depends on the period, but I would say, scarves, glasses and low heels are all important for emulating her style.

Where are the best places to shop 1950s vintage fashion?
You can't beat the internet!

Grace of Monaco is in cinemas this Friday 6th June.

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