14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Avoid Hangovers For The Rest Of Your Life

If you emerged from 2013 with a sore head and the shakes, fear not - everyone has a hangover for most of December. And like rest of Britain, did you have a moment of pure focus where you promised yourself "never, EVER again".

Hangovers needn't be brutal next-day-destroying experiences - it's genuinely possible to have a good night without day after misery.

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Nutritionist Kim Pearson shared her top tips when it comes to helping the body deal with one too many...

1. Stay hydrated. Realistically you probably aren't going to have a glass of water with every pint of wine, so keep your kitchen stocked with high quality rehydration sachets. Knock one back before going to bed to help your body deal with alcohol's most debilitating side effect: dehydration.

2. Don't mix booze with fizzy drinks. Carbonated liquid will rush alcohol into your system rather than giving your body a chance to process it. The result? One minute you're having an amazing chat about something amazing, the next you're waking up face down on your bed wearing yesterday's clothes and one shoe.

3. Choose purer forms of alcohol. When booze is processed, impurities - also known as congeners - develop and these will give you the nastiest of nasty hangovers. Avoid brandy and whisky - vodka will be much kinder to you the following day.

4. Don't eat junk food the morning after. McDonalds is not your friend. Poached eggs with rye bread, on the other hand, will give you energy throughout the day. Drink water and fruit juice like it's going out of fashion and avoid caffeine.

5. Choose pain relief wisely. Aspirin can irritate the stomach, which will already be unsettled because you had such a nice time the night before. Instead, opt for paracetamol.

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