14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Cure Period Pain: Thyme Is More Effective Than Ibuprofen

If you often find yourself reaching for the nearest box of pain killers in an attempt to relieve period pain, listen up - there's a new cure to try.

Researchers at the Babol University of Medical Sciences have found that thyme oil is more effective at easing stomach cramps than ibuprofen. Really.

Thyme, Potted in a Blue Bucket, Front View, Differential Focus

The Daily Mail reports the Iran university conducted the test on 84 female students aged between 18 - 24 and discovered that this herb "provided quicker relief from menstrual stomach cramps than its 'man-made' counterpart."

The students were split into three groups - some were given ibuprofen, others essential thyme oil and the last group took a placebo medicine.

They were then asked to score the pain they felt after the treatment, with one one being mild and 10 being severe.

The results? "The thyme essential group's average pain scores went from 6.57 before treatment to 1.21 during the first menstrual cycle tested, and 1.14 during the second menstrual cycle," reports the Mail.

"Meanwhile, the ibuprofen group's scores went from 5.30 to 1.48 in the first cycle and 1.68 during the second menstrual cycle."

Sounds like there was a clear winner and best of all, thyme oil comes without the side-effects of taking ibuprofen.

Want to find out more about the study before you give this alternative remedy a try? Read the full analysis here.

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