14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Find Your Perfect Burger

Guess what? Burger restaurants are SO en vogue right now. Yes, we know they've been knocking around for donkeys' but they're STILL springing up all over the place. Scientists have even grown test tube versions - costing $38,000 a pop - in the lab.

"But how do I know which burger joint is right for me?" we hear you say. Like this...

You are... a student, a new graduate or you're drunk

Restaurant of choice: Burger King

Why: C'mon, let's face it you've got no money. Your student loan just about covers your rent and your 'leccy bill was way more than you anticipated this quarter. Or you're really missing your student loan because it was more than your current pay cheque. Or you've spent all your money on getting drunk and now you're hungry. Head on down to BK to satisfy your burger craving.

You... wear a suit to work, are in your thirties and you're trying to hang on to your cool

Restaurant of choice: Shake Shack

Why: Shake Shack has just hit London town from the States. What started out as a hot dog stand in Manhattan is now a global franchise. The Shack doesn't play by anybody's rules but its own - it serves crinkled chips for flip's sake! It's a grown-up haunt, so feel free to head on down with your pals from the office because they'll probably think you're uber cool.

You... are a "fashion killa", like your veg deep fried or a singleton looking for some harmless flirting

Restaurant of choice: Byron

Why: Byron is that trendy joint where you can buy t-shirts alongside your cheese burger and courgette fries. The place is ALL about service with a smile, so if you're single and enjoy flirting with waiters and/or waitresses you'll be in heaven at Byron.

You... are hungover, a creative or trying to impress a boy with how much you can eat

Restaurant of choice: The Fine Burger Company

Why: This place offers all types of toppings to spice up your bog standard burger. When you're hungover there's nothing better than shoving everything but the kitchen sink on your plate and eating it - how else are you going to get over the shakes? If you're not hungover but you're a bit of a creative, who likes to make a project out of everything, OR if you want to show a potential boyf you can eat a burger with an egg and jalapenos and cheese and bacon without taking a breath this is your Mecca.

You: are a hipster or vegetarian

Restaurant of choice: Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Why: Vegetarians and hipsters are totally welcome at Ha Ha's. This place has it all in terms of free-from goods. Plus it's super cheap with drinks (tins) available from just 70p *gasps*.