14/08/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Make A Bow For Your Hair

The fact that hair accessories were seen at the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows is a sign that the trend isn't going away anytime soon. Got scrunchies sorted? Try making this super cute velvet bow with The New Craft's Society's step-by-step how to:

A hair bow is the perfect way to add a finishing touch to hair that would otherwise look dull. Far from looking schoolgirl cute they can be made in lots of different prints and fabrics - velvet is perfect for winter but perhaps you could try a bright neon for spring? Match them to your outfit and mood and you're on to a winner!

You will need:
30x30cm velvet
Tape measure
Needle and thread
Plain barrette hair slide


You need to:
1. Cut two 6x3 inch pieces of your velvet fabric and another two 1.5x6 inch pieces. You will end up with 4 pieces.
2. With right sides facing pin the two large pieces of fabric together. Use a sewing machine to stitch them together with a quarter inch seam. Leave a gap of a couple of inches along one of the sides.
3. Snip into the seam with your scissors making sure not to cut the stitching itself then turn the fabric the right way out through the gap you left.
4. Slip stitch the gap shut using a needle and thread.
5. With right sides facing pin the two small pieces of fabric together. Use a sewing machine to again stitch them together with a quarter inch seam. Leave one of the short sides open.
6. Repeat step 4 with the smaller piece of fabric. If your velvet is very thick this might be quite difficult but you can use a safety pin to help guide the fabric out if necessary.
7. Pinch the middle of the larger piece of fabric in the middle and stitch through it a couple of times to help secure it. This will create the 'bow' shape.
8. Wrap your smaller piece of fabric around the middle of the bow and pull it tight. Stitch it together by hand at the back of the bow, trimming the fabric as necessary.
9. Stitch the bow onto the hair slide using the holes visible, you can also use some super glue if it needs extra holding.


Your bow should now be ready to wear!

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