14/08/2014 16:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Shop The High Street: Zara

Shopping your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe can be pretty hectic, especially when you want all in on the latest trends - without losing your mind or blowing a month's wage in one swoop.

So - Team MyDaily has done some of the ground work. We've been speaking to staff at the head offices of your ultimate shopping destinations to really get the low down on what, when and where to shop for next season.

Here's what's what from Zara (you'll need little in the way of persuasion when it comes to their latest lookbook - it's ALL pretty fabulous).


1. What day does new stock tend to arrive in stores?
Deliveries are Sunday and Thursday.

2. I've got £50, what should I invest in from your A/W collection?
Totally up to you, but there are some great shoes available such as these moccasin style heels for £39.99

3. If something sells out do you make more?
It varies - sometimes an item might sell out and a very similar alternative arrives. The advice would be to buy it when you see it, rather than wait!

4. Are some branches more specialised than others?
There are some variations mainly in relation to customer demands – each store will stock what the customers in that area want and are asking for.

5. How are clothes sized? For example, what size is a medium?
The size guide is online if you click on any item and then go to select size, you'll see a box saying Size Guide which has all the details you need.

6. Roughly when do your sales happen?
Only two sales each year – end of S/S in June and end of A/W at the end of December.

7. What's your returns policy?
We have a 30 day return policy for a refund or exchange upon production of the receipt. Refunds will be given by the same method as the original payment.

Take a spin through Zara's A/W lookbook for a glance at the good stuff...