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How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting: Face Tapping Is The Latest Fad

Are you a yo-yo dieter - strict with yourself one minute, a vending machine regular the next?

According to new book, Tapping for Success, all you need to do is touch your face at certain pressure points to end the diet-binge cycle.

yo-yo dieting

Author Jessica Ortner claims not only will this cease cravings when dieting, but it will also prevent those trying to lose weight from returning to old unhealthy habits for good.

In addition, she claims face-tapping can reduce stress and help adoptees stay slim forever.

Referred to as the Emotional Freedom Technique, experts - as well as Ortner - say massaging areas such as the chin, forehead and collarbone can reduce production of the hormone cortisol, which can increase appetite and lead to storage of abdominal fat.

Face-tapping in these areas, in theory, should reduce the impulse to forget everything you know about nutrition and reach for a Snickers.

So, what parts of the body should you focus on if you are to benefit from the tap technique? There are eight in total:

1. Eyebrows, at the centre, above the nose
2. The side of your eyes
3. Under your eyes
4. Under your nose
5. Your chin
6. Your collarbone
7. Under your arms
8. The crown of your head

Experts advise tapping each pressure point a minimum of seven times to see a difference.

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Source: Daily Mail

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