14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Husbands Cause Mums More Stress Than Children, Says Survey

Husbands cause mums more stress than children, says survey

Well blow me down with a waft of a feather. This can't possible be true. Can it? According to new research, nearly half of all mothers say their husbands cause them more stress than their children.

No way, Jose. Not in our household. Uh-uh! But astonishing as it sounds, the poll of 7,000 US mums by Today Moms, found that because of different parenting views, a lack of help with household duties, and the typical pressures of marriage, many mothers feel that their husbands are just another child to take care of.

What's more, the average mother reported her stress level overall at a whopping 8.5 out of 10. Well, I'm both staggered and offended.

Three-quarters of those surveyed said they do most of the day-to-day parenting and household duties.

Indeed, one-in-five admitted that not receiving more help around the house from their other halves is a major source of their stress – a fact I will definitely share with my wife next time she's doing the ironing.

According to Hal Runkel, a therapist, marriage is the problem, not parenting.

He explained: "Moms think, my primary job is to be a mom, so she looks to her husband to be a support."

When a man does not fulfill that supportive role, that's when the arguments start.

"It's easy to blame your stress on another person," said Mr Runkel, a father-of-two.

"Marriage is emotional weight-lifting. It's exercise. And when you choose to exercise, sometimes it feels miserable."

Dena Fleno, a mum from New Britain, Connecticut, supports the survey's findings.

She said: "A seven-year-old is going to be a seven-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a seven-year-old is more stressful, because they should know better."

I'm off for a lie down while I have a think about the implications of this.

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