14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

I Had Triplets - Thanks To McDonalds' Breakfasts And Nando's Chicken

I had triplets - thanks to McDonalds' breakfasts and Nando's chicken

Laura Dixon had triplets after her third round of IVF - and she believes her new family is all thanks to giving up vegetarianism for a diet of McDonalds and Nando's meals.

Laura, 34, failed to get pregnant naturally for 10 years before being diagnosed with both endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Both medical conditions can prevent conception. She turned to IVF in a bid to have a family with her husband, Tim.

Her first cycle of IVF failed and she suffered a miscarriage at eight weeks after her second attempt.

Laura's third NHS IVF attempt - which would have had to be her last - was successful.

But she developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome - a condition that can occur after taking medications that stimulate the ovaries, causing them to swell and produce too many follicles. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating. In severe cases it can be life-threatening as it can cause a blood clot in an artery or vein, kidney and liver dysfunction and breathing difficulties.

Laura decided to proceed with the pregnancy at her own risk and two fertilised eggs developed.

A lifelong vegetarian, Laura decided she should eat a high protein diet to give her strength during pregnancy - exactly what it seems her body was craving.


She put on more than five stone thanks to the pregnancy and a new diet of chicken, bacon and burgers as well as a daily McDonald's breakfast of a sausage and egg McMuffin.


Her meat cravings became so strong she was tucking into three portions of meat a day.

On her 33rd birthday Laura and her husband heard three little heartbeats and on Tim's birthday doctors told them they were expecting identical boys and a girl.

Laura, a PA from Essex, said: "When the sonographer found a third heartbeat I remember shouting "oh no" and crying - thinking I'd lose them all.

"After losing one baby to a miscarriage, I thought I would never be able to carry three.

'But then my hunger kicked in and despite never eating meat, I craved it. I ate about six meals a day.

"The cravings were so strong that I would wake up in the night and make my husband go and get me a McDonald's. Several times my husband had to go up to Nandos for chicken and chips with me.

"Eating meat definitely helped me get all the protein you need when you're pregnant. I think it could be one of the reasons I managed to carry all three to full term."

At 35 weeks, she gave birth by C-section to identical boys Max and Mason, and daughter Mia.

Max was born weighing 3lb 12oz, Mason was 5lb 4oz and Mia weighed 5lb 15oz.

Since becoming a mother, Mrs Dixon has continued to go to McDonald's - but has reverted to her vegetarian diet, choosing a veggie wrap and fries instead of burgers.