14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'I'm Not Your Real Mum': Mother Lied To Daughter For 13 Years To Make Her Work Harder At School

'I'm not your real mum': Mother lied to daughter for 13 years to make her work harder at school

A Chinese woman lied to her daughter that her 'real' mother was dead for more than a decade to ensure she worked hard at school and learned to be independent.

According to local newspapers, the woman, known as Shen, from Shenyang city, was worried that her husband's wealth would make their daughter Cheng Cheng spoiled and arrogant.

When the girl was about to enter fourth grade, Shen told her she was not her biological mother and that she was simply providing for her education until university.

Cheng Cheng did not believe her initially, but became shocked and confused when Shen stuck rigidly to her story.

But before long, the girl's academic performance improved and became 'sensible and obedient'.

Cheng Cheng also chose to attend boarding school to increase her sense of independence before going on to Dalian Jiatong University, where she graduated with top grades.

It was only when she started her job at a software firm in Shanghai that Shen finally revealed that she was her biological mother all along - 13 years after telling the lie.

Shen said: "My daughter is beautiful, she has a successful career making over 6,000 Yuan (£620) a month.

"There may be people who do not agree with my methods, but if I had [told her the truth], she would have been satisfied in her existing environment and wouldn't have the prospects that she has now."