I Need Sleep!

People sometimes ask me what the most rewarding thing about being a parent is, and when they do I look at them vacantly for about 10 to 15 seconds before asking them to repeat the question and apologising profusely.

You see, after seven years of being a father, which means seven years of little to no sleep, I have finally mastered the art of falling asleep with my eyes open.

To be honest, I can't really think of the most rewarding thing about being a parent, because my brain is too clogged with fog and unfinished words to come up with an answer. I can easily tell you the worst thing about being a parent, though. It's not the lack of spare time, or the complete lack of money.

For me, it's the lack of sleep which is the single worst thing in the world about being a parent.


I constantly have this weird hollow feeling beneath my eyes, like I can feel the air all around my eyeballs. My eyelids are permanently at around 70 to 80Slideshow-84671%