Imaginative Ideas For Your Child's Bedroom - Whatever Your Budget And Space

Your child's bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep: it's a space where adventures are always afoot, magic is real and dreams come true - by day or night.

Children's imaginative worlds come to life in their rooms, and their constantly whirring minds bring everything to life, turning beds into super hero dens, storage chests into pirate treasure and wardrobes into princess palaces.

You can encourage and indulge your child's play by making their bedroom a fun, creative and inspiring space - no matter your budget or how much room you have.


The first step? Ensure their room decor nurtures their creativity and allows them to unleash their imaginations.


The easiest way to spruce up a child's bedroom and make it a fun, inspiring play space is with colour and print: go bright and bold because anything goes - from printed bedding to blue walls. You can try picking a theme for the room and decorating according to that (superheroes, princesses, outer space, dinosaurs and pirates and mermaids offer endless inspiration, as do simple palette-inspiring ideas like nautical, candy striped or spotty).

Adding colourful wall art, decorating a night side table with a statement Spider-Man lamp so their hero is close to hand and sprucing up drab drawers with DIY touches like unusual knobs are all easy ways to get creative without spending a fortune (or knocking down walls).

Everything from the storage you choose to the seating in your child's room can become a learning tool, helping to inspire and create new worlds in the comfort of your own home (a funky pop-up tent that can transport children to lands far away within the confines of four walls is particularly useful on rainy days when the playground just isn't an option).

And you can try bringing the outdoors in with inspiring nature scenes and animal-themed decor, or transforming their bedroom into an art space with colourful and personalised wall hangings and crafty tools like easels and blackboard decals.

From heroic adventure lighting to statement wall stickers, we've rounded up top product ideas to make your child's bedroom fun, whatever your budget or space.

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