14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Inside Lea Michele's Ridiculously Healthy Fridge

Ever wondered what Hollywood actress Lea Michele has in her fridge? No? Well we've found out anyway!

As you could have probably guessed, it's super duper healthy and kind of depressing when compared to the lone red pepper and the tub of basics margarine in ours.

In an interview with the 27-year-old discussed what you can always find in her cool box and what she'd never stock up on in a million years. Whole milk? No bloomin' way Jose.

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Come hell or high water, the Glee star will always have some tzatziki stored in her fridge. While we can think of more useful staple items than this, we can't deny that the Greek dip is damn tasty.

The actress also confessed she only drinks rice milk and is always chowing down on celery and carrots. Her favourite items to have on hand for a last minute meal are quinoa pasta (apparently it's a thing), tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes and kale.

If she could have a lifelong supply of any food product it wouldn't be Oreo cookies or salt and vinegar crisps, oh no! She'd have grapes and avocados on tap.

The weirdest thing she's got in her fridge right now? Kimchi which FYI is a vegetable side dish most commonly found in Korea.

Although the majority of her shopping basket is all about health, Lea does admit to feeling a little bit guilty over the amount of cream cheese she scoffs, confessing she loves it smeared all over ezekiel toast.

While we'll admit we've never eaten ezekiel bread we do know all about the best foods to give you a big energy boost. Check out the gallery before for more deets.