Internet Filters: A Guide For Parents

Our children are increasingly interacting in a digital world, and it's understandable that parents worry about the potential dangers lurking beneath each mouse click.

While most parents will be aware that filters exist, research has shown than only a minority download and install filtering software.

So what are these parental filters? Do they work? And are they worth installing?

Dr Bex Lewis, author of Raising Children in a Digital Age, thinks that filters have a place – certainly for younger children – but that parents need to understand that there are pros and cons.

"Filtering software is not 100 foolproof.

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Twitter – Tips for Parents

Skype – the online chatting service might be a worry if you don't know who your child is talking to. Spyware is available, but it's perhaps better to install Skypito, which has a similar interface but is designed with children in mind, meaning parents stay in control of contacts.


ConnectSafely is jammed with advice and tips for parents to help their children stay safe online.

The UK Safer Internet Centre also has plenty of information about the digital world and practical how-to advice for parents.