14/08/2014 16:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

IPeriod: Would You Trust An App To Stop You Getting Pregnant?

Women are increasingly ditching the pill AND condoms and using smart phone apps and the "pull-out" method to prevent pregnancy instead, according to New York Magazine.

Journalist Ann Friedman penned an article for the mag on the so-called "pull-out generation", twenty-something women who rely on an app to track their ovulation cycle and the withdrawal-before-he-comes method as their first port of call.

iperiod period tracker

Friedman spoke to a cross section of women and discovered while some were shocked and appalled, it's not uncommon among females in long-term monogamous relationships.

As well as this researchers at Duke University estimate one-third of American women between the ages of 15 and 24 have previously relied on the "withdrawal method." But why?

Condoms are "the worst"
Women just can't be dealing with johnnies, says the article. They're "more driven by sexual pleasure - they see orgasms as a right, not a privilege - and hate the feel of condoms". In response to the NY mag piece an anonymous blogger shared her tell-all story with The Frisky and admitted she started going condom-less in her late twenties when: "Surprise! I could have an orgasm without one."

Period tracking isn't just for "hippies"
With new menstrual cycle apps available to download to your smart phone, keeping track of your periods is easier than ever. Well, that's if you trust your handheld - prone to freezing and/or crashing mid-Facebook stalk - to tell you you're not pregnant. Friedman argues with period tracker apps "charting your menstrual cycle is no longer the domain of hippies and IVF patients", stating these women "know when to make him put a condom on".

The pill makes you crazy and fat
Women who do the app-track-pull-out buy organic kale and all-natural cleaning products, says Friedman, so they can't quite get down with taking "synthetic hormones" aka the pill every day. Plus, as The Frisky blog author confesses, all that crying alone in your room and weight gain is just "so not worth it".

Getting pregnant wouldn't be the end of the world
No matter what their reason is reason, for girls going down this route getting pregnant isn't the end of the world, says the report. They're in a relationship with a guy they trust (apparently enough to pull out in time!) and they're of child-bearing age... In other words their mother wouldn't be disappointed in them if they ended up with pr go. She might even be glad they finally provided her with a grandchild. God knows it's taken her long enough.

So, would you trust an app to keep you from falling pregnant?