14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

It By Alexa Chung: What We Learned

I fell for Alexa Chung way back when she was presenting Popword on T4. Partly because she had awesome banter with Alex Zane and definitely because she had that tall, tomboy thing all wrapped up.

I also had a thing for her voice - I may stand alone here, but the deep-husky thing totally works in her favour.

So, would I be picking up her debut book It? Oh for sure. Alexa has fast become a "someone" and a fiendishly stylish someone at that.


It's difficult not to be drawn to Alexa. She's smart, she's fairly (totally) easy on the eyes, pretty talented and is clearly a good laugh (see book photos and sketch of her as an onion). Also she's friends with EVERYONE.

That said, I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed when she told "I wrote it because I was bored and wanted to create something alongside hosting television shows."

Now, I wasn't expecting Caitlin Moran level wit from Alexa's It but I was hoping to take our (imaginary) relationship to new heights.

The loosely chronological book or "stream of consciousness" as she calls it is a super short read that gives those interested (that's like millions FYI) an insight into her childhood, style, music, friends, heartbreaks, and beauty regime.

The drawings she's added are fun in a weird what-the-F-are-they kind of way and sit alongside the guides/pointers/FYIs she offers her readers.

Lessons learnt from Alexa include:

1. A guide to getting dressed. Yes really.
2. Beauty products to pack for flying.
3. That "looking effortless takes a lot of effort".
4. Gym clothes don't suit anyone.
5. Nudity is a must at festivals.
6. Things you won't need at a festival include "carrot sticks and humous".
7. How to look like a groupie. And p.s she's a self confessed one because she admits: "I have never dated a man who was not a lead singer".
8. "Nobody and nothing" can cure heartbreak, especially Instagram. In fact "every time you post a pic of yourself to Instagram looking fake happy a fairy dies".
9. "Exiting a car can be tricky". In a skirt, to be clear.
10. FROW rules include: "only taking up one buttock!"
11. "Karl Lagerfeld is very, very funny". Who knew?

Putting together this list made me realise that a) I'll never be able to boast a catalogue of rock-star boyfriends b) We both think Brigitte Bardot is "The Ultimate Megababe Of All Time" - but then who doesn't'? And c) Alexa is actually a lot like most twenty-something girls. Just with a smidge more Chanel to her name and a publishing house that thinks it's worth a book.