14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini: Five Facts About Cheryl Cole's Husband

Cheryl Cole took us all by surprise when she married boyfriend of three months Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The 31-year-old announced her wedding news on Instagram by sharing a snap of her enormous engagement ring and sparkly wedding band.

This was followed by a quick thank you note on Cheryl's Twitter page:

But what do we actually know about the X Factor judge's new husband, aside from he's French and clearly has enough cash to invest in a rock that rivals Kim Kardashian's?

1. He's got cash. Jean-Bernard made a name for himself when he founded Cosy Box, a pop-up club and restaurant at Cannes Film Festival. In fact, rumour has it that's where the pair first met.

Perhaps that explains why Chezza was all glowy and gorgeous as she arrived on the red carpet earlier this year. There's nothing like a new love to make you beam from ear-to-ear, right?

While Cosy Box has been heralded by the press as a swanky "celebrity haunt" the pop-up only has one review on Trip Adviser. Compare that to London hotspot The Chiltern Firehouse's 186 and we're less than impressed.

2. He's an international jet-setter. While he can't seem to rack up the online reviews, Jean-Bernard's restaurant venture must be paying the bills as he lives between the French Riviera and St Barts in the Caribbean. It's alright for some, isn't it?

His favourite tipples include Moet champagne and Ketel One vodka. Now that he's married to the Cheryl Cole we think it's fair to say this guy is living the dream...

3. He's learning how to speak Geordie. Talking about his relationship ahead of the wedding Jean-Bernard told Grazia Cheryl was teaching him "the Geordie".

"My English is better than her French," he confessed. "But I teach her the words. Mainly the bad words! She teaches me the Geordie."

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4. He's a party boy. After being raised by wealthy parents in the south of France, Jean-Bernard, 33, took a year out before studying business at New York University "just to party".

Back in 2002 during his time at NYU, Jean appeared in a New York Times article about "Eurotrash" in the Big Apple. Yes, really.

He was described as a ladies' man who "summers on the Riviera and spends winter vacations in Saint Bart's" always accompanied by an "entourage of models".

5. His relationship with Cheryl is written in the stars. For those of you who love astrology, turns out Chezza and JB are meant to be. Jean-Bernard is a Virgo and Cheryl a Cancer and together they have a "strong, down-to-earth relationship" with oodles of "staying power", according to