14/08/2014 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jodie Marsh Reveals Her School Bullying Hell

Jodie Marsh reveals her school bullying hell

Muscle-bound glamour model Jodie Marsh has revealed how she was mercilessly bullied at school.

She said she was so miserable she believed no one would care if she committed suicide.

In a documentary 'Jodie Marsh: Bullied', the model-turned-bodybuilder said the constant name-calling and abuse about her appearance left her cowering in the library at lunchtime.

Speaking to New! magazine, Jodie, 34, explained: "I'd be too scared to go to lunch because everyone would throw food at me.

"I used to think it would be better if I wasn't there because nobody cared about me anyway. I didn't think I'd be missed if I was gone."

Now she wants teachers to watch her documentary so they can see the techniques American schools use to tackle bullying.

Jodie travelled to the States to investigate cases of abuse, suicides and school shootings.

She said: "One story that really upset me was a young boy called Sawyer, who was beaten up by a bully and left paralysed in a wheelchair.

"But I also went to a couple of US schools that don't have any bullying at all. We took their techniques back to a school in the UK with a bad reputation for bullying.

"The methods worked, which is why I'm so desperate for every schoolteacher and parent to watch it."

But Jodie's eagerness to campaign against bullying backfired when she asked her Twitter followers to tweet Jonathon Ross asking if she could go on his show.

Annoyed Jonathon tweeted "Very strange experience getting bullied by people wanting me to help stop bullying."

Jodie hit back saying: "I don't know what was going on his head – he could have been polite about it."

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