14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jumpsuits: The Dressy Alternative To The Dress

Jumpsuits, and anything in the "suit" family (playsuit, boiler-suit) are dividing opinion right now.

While the high street summer collections have every got style going (print, denim, strappy, strapless, leather) there's a popular thought that this one-up-from-a-onesie garment is just not a wearable fashion trend,

I may have height on side and an inherent love for the jumpsuit (mum did dungarees circa the 1980s in a big way), but I genuinely believe they can be worn well by all. And not least those ladies on the Roksanda Ilincic, Etro, and Chanel runways.


Beyond the trademark comfort, the jumpsuit is the perfect dressy alternative to an actual dress - and it ticks boxes when it comes to occasion wear. Weddings, races, christenings, hen dos, birthday parties - it just works.

As with all good trends the jumpsuit has been worked across various fabrics this season and there's a shape and style option to suit all figures.

You need to shrug off body hang ups here because you will be pleasantly surprised by what a little shopping around/ experimenting/ accessorising will do. Trust us.

If you're thinking any of the following, here are a few notes to convince you otherwise because the jumpsuit is a thing of brilliance:

I don't care how "in" the bare-shoulders look is, I never show off my arms.
Ok, we're not all blessed with arms like Michelle Obama - so opt for three-quarter length/long sleeves if you're saying no to anything strapless.

I refuse to believe jumpsuits are flattering. In any way.
If you've got a bum and a big bust then accentuate your waist with a belt and choose a block colour. If you're tall and slim then give a standout print style a try - floral, animal, or any motif you're big on this season.

What's essential is trying on multiple styles from various brands (Topshop, Zara, H&M, Whistles, River Island and Asos have some killer options) to see how their sizes work with your proportion.

They're a TOTAL mare to get in and out of when you need the loo.
Now this is a valid point, especially when yours is a button-up or zip-back style.

If your bladder is the bane of your life then make sure you invest in a jumpsuit that you can easily whip on and off. Spoiler: lycra (the nicer variety), viscose, cotton, lace, linen.

My legs are way too short.
Get your heels on. Wedges, flatforms, stilettos, ankle strap sandals and chunky block heels are how to add inches to you look.

If you're more into kooky flats and pool slides then just go for a cropped jumpsuit and show off some ankle. Vertical panels and straps will also elongate your look.

Need more inspo? Shop this edit of styles...

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