14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Karl Lagerfeld On People Who Get Plastic Surgery: 'They Look Like They've Been In A Car Crash'

Karl Lagerfeld, the most outspoken man in fashion, has launched a verbal attack on anyone and everyone who's had plastic surgery in an attempt to stop the clock and slow down the ageing process.

The 80-year-old creative director of French fashion house Chanel claimed people who have gone under the knife, "look like they've been in a car crash". Ouch!

"Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young," Karl - who's previously dubbed Pippa Middleton "ugly", called Adele fat and Lana del Ray "fake" - told German news website Zeit Online.


And in case you were wondering what Karl's least favourite cosmetic procedure is, it's the ol' lip fillers.

"The worst are the lip operations," he said. "They look like they flew through the windscreen during a car accident and were patched up badly afterwards."

Not only does he possess a particular distaste for those attempting to look younger than they actually are, he doesn't really like the "older" generation much at all and he'd rather hang out with those at least 50 years his junior.

"I don't know anyone from my generation. I find those people terrible," he said. And you just have to take a quick glance at Instagram to see this fashion guru is totally true to his word. Rather than kicking back with his fellow over 80s' he's regularly seen chillin' with 29-year-old singer Lily Allen, 24-year-old actress Kristen Stewart - who stars in his latest campaign for Chanel - and 21-year-old model of the moment Cara Delevingne.

But even Cara - who lead the way in his latest runway show in Paris - isn't free from Karl's criticism.

In an interview with The Guardian last month, he revealed that he did not consider the bushy-browed Brit to be "a standout beauty", but just a model with "strange" proportions.

Thankfully, we doubt we'll ever be on the receiving end of Karl's sharp tongue, although these celebs could take note from Karl's words...
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