14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge, 'Not Happy' With Prince William After Antics At Guy Pelly's Wedding

Rumour has it Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, isn't best pleased with hubby Prince William after his antics in Memphis at pal Guy Pelly's wedding.

Turns out William is just as much as a party prince as his brother Harry. He was even said to be acting up more than his little bro while toasting the newly weds Stateside.

"The whole thing was unreal man," Jimmy Church, singer with the Jimmy Church Band which played for five hours at the reception at Memphis Hunt and Polo Club, told the Telegraph.

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"William came up on stage in his coat, and me and him were going back and forth doing 'Shout' and then he did it on his own. I was getting down, he was getting down, it was wild man. He was great, he just got the music."

From the sounds of it Kate certainly missed out on a pretty cray-cray night. Jimmy went on, "They were holding people up in the air and passing them around like they were flying. I've been doing this 50 years and I ain't ever seen anything like this. These guys know how to party."

"Harry was dancing and having fun, dancing with lots of people. There were lots of girls around him but I didn't see that he was with anyone.

"He was actually a little more conservative than William," adding, "I thought the whole thing would be a bit conservative because they're royal but it was crazy. We did five encores. Harry came up and asked for another song, then William came up and asked for Soul Man. They both thanked me, they were great."

According to reports, Kate wasn't "jumping for joy that William was having so much fun away from her". We guess K-Middy suffers from FOMT just like the rest of us.

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