Kate Middleton Is "The Duchess Of Normcore" Says Vogue

Kate Middleton Is "The Duchess Of Normcore" Says Vogue

Normcore is the fashion trend du jour which is completely ironic because those who fall into this bracket really don't care about fashion in the slightest. The look is less try hard and more "I threw this on, I have four of the same styles".

These circles are all about basics, they are the trendless, vanilla, comfort loving plain Janes in what's now become an effortlessly trendy way. According to Vogue,Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, falls perfectly into this category and her Royal Tour wardrobe has proved it:

"Neatly sidestepping high fashion, the smiling, cheerful Kate Middleton is fast becoming the Duchess of Normcore," says the magazine.

The fashion glossy notes that so far, Kate has opted for classic (read: normal) styles such as Breton stripes, a Zara blazer, skinny jeans, Ray Bans and designer dresses she knows work for her. That's the beauty of normcore - they stick to what they know.

As for Kate repping normcore? Yes, she's understated in a way that the Royal Family will have urged her to be so and we're unlikely to see her style out anything of the flashy-fabulous Moschino variety -but is being an actual duchess really normal?

Kate is definitely game for doing it all (radiating at EVERY royal appointment, touring with Wills, dabbling in sports, decor and parenthood) so maybe that is what makes her the perfect fit to front the normcore clique.

"No one's likely to fall back in awe at the idea of a thirty-two-year-old woman being a multifaceted multi-tasker. Like everything Kate Middleton's projecting through her clothes, that's just normal" Vogue concludes.

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