14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Moss Flies Easyjet Too!

An allegedly drunk Kate Moss "blagged" her way onto an Easyjet flight from Turkey to London without a ticket.

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The supermodel arrived at Bodrum Airport, Turkey, "clearly inebriated" after ironically holidaying at a nearby detox centre, before "blagging" her way onto an Easyjet flight to London Gatwick despite not having a ticket.

The 40-year-old is said to have held up a long line of passengers at the check-in desk, with an eye-witness telling the Mail Online that she was trying to travel without a ticket.

Kate - who had apparently been spending time at The LifeCo, in Golturkbuku - arrived at the airport at 8.30pm on Monday and joined the queue for budget airline's 9.30pm flight to Gatwick.

Onlookers where unsurprisingly taken aback by the supermodel's presence and took to Twitter to share their reports. They said she was "drunk" and appeared to have neither a boarding pass or ticket on her.

"The general consensus was that she didn't have a ticket but after chatting to the manager for some time she was whisked off and ushered on to a flight," the source told the Mail.

"It was pretty obvious that Kate had had a bit to drink as she was talking loudly and didn't seem worried about being seen.

"If I had showed up that drunk there's no way I'd be let on the plane but she is Kate Moss."

The flight was delayed and did not take off until 11.51pm, two hours and 21 minutes behind schedule.

However, while on-board, the supermodel is said to have been happily chatting away to her fellow passengers.

"Just got off my flight with a very drunk Kate Moss," one traveller wrote on Twitter, while another said: "Seen Kate Moss drunk in the airport."