14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katherine Jenkins Reveals Relationship With Gethin Jones Left Her 'Broken'

Katherine Jenkins has also opened up for the first time about her first engagement to presenter Gethin Jones, revealing the relationship ending left her "broken".

The mezzo soprano - who recently celebrated getting engaged to New York University professor, Andrew Levitas - revealed to The Telegraph the split was part of the reason she joined US show Dancing with Stars as a contestant in 2012.

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"It took everything out of me," she said of the experience. "It was a really special time in my life. I came to America completely broken because in my personal life I was in a right mess and I thought, 'This is something I could do, it'll take me away from home, a change of scenery might cheer me up, I might have a bit of laugh, sit in the sun, do a bit of shopping.'

"I never thought about the schedule I was taking on, but it totally rebuilt me as a person through learning something new, making new friends, having fun with it. It was a gift at that time in my life."

Now this we can understand - hasn't everyone felt like starting again after a relationship has gone wrong?

Her romantic past wasn't the only thing the star talked candidly about - here's a few other things we learned about where she's at now...

1. When it comes to music, she's not all about the classical. "My musical taste is very wide," she says. "It can be classical, it can be opera. Ray LaMontagne. I like that when I'm cooking at home, and when I'm running it's cheese and Rihanna and Beyoncé and Jay Z because that kind of thing is so very far removed from what I do."

2. She's got no time for women hating on other women. "Sometimes with the Press you get a lot of women hating other women and that's a real shame. I'm not one of those girls. If I see a girl look nice I'll tell her. I'm all for supporting other women being successful."

3. She didn't wear lip gloss to run the London Marathon 2013, as the Daily Mail reported. It was vaseline, given to her by the St John's Ambulance crew working at the race.

4. It sounds like her fiance Levitas is definitely the one. Although, typically, the star is playing her cards close to her chest. "What I can say is I'm really, really happy, in all areas of my life," she revealed.

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