Katie Hopkins Insults Striking Teachers AND Stay At Home Mums

Katie Hopkins has lashed out at striking teachers and stay-at-home mums in one rage filled Tweet.

It appears that Katie is very upset by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) strike, which is planned for this Thursday (July 10).

The teachers will be joining more than a million public sector workers - including firefighters and council staff - in the walk out over pay and working conditions.

While many parents - like Katie - find teachers' strikes inconvenient, few would write off their actions quite as harshly as Katie, who likened teachers to gerbils.

The strike has been planned since early June - giving Katie quite some time to arrange alternative childcare. But she isn't going to let pre-planning stand in the way of a good rant.

Indeed, it's not just teachers who come under fire. Katie's also decided to take a pop at stay at home mums.

This isn't the first time Katie has vented her fury at stay at home mums. In January she launched into a Twitter tirade about how stay at home mums are work-shy.

It's unclear why Katie feels so strongly about stay at home mums - perhaps one pushed in front of her in the queue in Costa once.