14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katie Hopkins Publishes Her Own Baby Names Book: The Class Book Of Baby Names

Notorious Katie Hopkins launches Class Book of Baby Names

After her infamous, nay notorious, rant on ITV's This Morning slagging off parents' choices of baby names, Katie Hopkins - aka Britain's Most Hated Mum - has now cashed in on the controversy and written an e-book entitled The Class Book Of Baby Names.

In the book, which has already shot to the top of the baby name books' chart on Amazon, she outlines why some names work and others do not.

Highlights include: "Take Ashley. Shut your eyes and picture mum: legging clad, slightly overweight and clutching Primark bags twice the size of her latest baby. There may be another one on the way, but you can never be sure.

"There only so many times you can hear 'TYLER' yelled aggressively across a playground before you work out Tyler means trouble."

The blurb accompanying the book (we haven't bought it because we thought £1.53 was a bit steep) says: "Katie Hopkins believes a name is a short cut to understanding everything you need to know about a child and more importantly the parent standing behind it."

It adds: "Katie Hopkins has created the Class Book of Baby Names as a response to requests for her to #ratemyname. There will be some candid thoughts on characters you recognise. You will also find inspiration for more intelligent sounding names to set your child on a path to greatness.

"Katie's thoughts on children's names on ITV This Morning went viral, attracting 10 million hits globally in just four days.

"She is unapologetic for her views. In an increasingly PC world she simply says what we are all thinking, but dare not say."Talk about red rag to bulls!

Reviews of the book on Amazon have been quick to attack the book and Katie herself.

Amanda R wrote: "Just awful. Do not buy this book - the preview says it all. Definition of Katie: stuck up, deluded, a joke."

While a reviewer called Christie said: "Well she has a talent for doing nothing. Reality TV star at best and she has the cheek to condemn people's names? "Hilarious - don't bother, cheap and tacky book which just about sums up the author.

"Was looking forward to buying this to find out what katie thinks about certain names to find about 5 names per a letter!!! Basically just a brief summary of the names she hates! 60VIRTUAL-Gallery-120007VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%