14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katie Hopkins Strikes Again: Mum-Of-Three Says She Misses Her Children's Birthdays For Work

Katie Hopkins strikes again: Mum-of-three says she misses her children's birthdays for work

She's previously spoken about judging children by their names (particularly 'lower class' names, naturally), and suggested maternity leave is cut to six weeks (!) but Katie 'most hated mum in Britain' Hopkins has spoken out yet again.

This time, the mum of three told an appalled Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning that she wouldn't think twice about missing her children's birthdays for work, claiming birthdays are 'rather like trains, there'll be another one.'

She said her kids know if she will be away on their birthdays because it is marked in the family's 'work' calendar, and that they 'understand'.

Katie was up against Shona Sibary, who urged Katie to 'celebrate the magic of birthdays'. Katie responded that arguing with mum of four Shona was like being 'attacked by a shouty lemon'.

Responding to Katie's claims that her children know she has to work 'in order to have nice things', Holly waded in and accused her of being 'emotionally defunct', forcing her children to make 'grown-up choices'.

Taking breath after their TV show-down, Shona said: 'Katie is like a pantomime caricature - just exhausting being around, a real classroom bully.

"I can understand if you're fighting for your country or operating on a child, but as I said to Katie, what are you doing that is so very important you can't be there for the morning of your child's birthday? Of course we can't all take the whole day off work for children's birthdays - and they like to go to school and be made a fuss of - but parents should be there to celebrate.

"My daughter's been asking me how many sleeps until I'm four? Birthdays are a time to feel special and be celebrated. Childhood is such a finite period of time and then it's over.

"She says - and I still can't believe this is true - that she shifts her children's birthdays to another day and tells them they can open presents on their birthday by themselves or three days later 'when mummy's home'. I just think that's so selfish and self absorbed.

"Before the show, I'd been telling her how traumatic it had been taking my daughter back to boarding school after the summer holidays - we've had to move house and she wanted to stay with her friendship group. On the couch, Katie said 'you just throw your daughter in boarding school', which so isn't the whole story and was a low shot."

So, whose side are you on? We sort of understand what Katie is trying - very badly - to say, that work brings in the money. But should parents make every effort to be there in the morning and evening to share their children's special day? And as parents isn't that day a special day for you too?

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