Katy Perry Soothes Crying Baby (Video)

A mum has found the secret to stopping her baby crying in an instant - and she has Katy Perry to thank.

Katy may not be aware that her track Dark Horse is set to become required nursery listening, but if it receives the same rapturous reaction from all babies as it does from the little girl in this video, then we predict it may soon make a surprise return to the charts.

This cute and very funny clip shows a rather unhappy baby squirming in her car seat, building up to a full scale tantrum.

Car journeys with children can be trying at the best of times, but add a crying baby into the backseat mix and you've got a recipe for a sore head.

That is unless, like YouTube user Eva Baker, you've discovered that your baby is a proud Katy Perry fan.

As soon as the first strains of Katy Perry's single Dark Horse start to emit from the car stereo the baby goes from grizzly to ecstatic in less time than it takes to wipe her tears.

Her mouth forms into an 'o' of excitement and she starts pumping her arms to the music. She's got all the moves, nodding her head as Juicy J says 'uh-huh,' then giggling, smiling and waving her hands as Katy's lyrics kick in.

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