14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kelly Brook's Love Triangle Gets Even More Complicated

Kelly Brook really needs to brush up on her ex boyfriend etiquette otherwise she's bound to find herself in a pretty sticky situation.

Not only has Kells been meeting, greeting and getting tipsy with cheating former flame Danny Cipriani, but rumour has it she's been texting her other ex Thom Evans too. Will she ever learn?

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If you're not up-to-date with Kelly's love life, let us briefly explain. *Takes deep breath*.

The 24-year-old used to date rugby Player Danny, then she left him for Thom (also a rugby lad). Then she left Thom for Danny. Thom started dating Canadian actress Jessica Lowndes (who looks like a KB clone). Then Danny cheated on Kelly (because he got bored), then she dumped Danny.

Then Thom and Jessica split up. Kelly apparently started dating her best friend Katherine Jenkins' ex Gethin Jones. Then she was spotted out for drinks with Danny. And now she's allegedly texting Thom again.

"Thom and Kelly have been texting after Kelly admitted she still has feelings for him," a source told The Mirror.

"Thom has been so confused since he split up with Jessica. He was really in love with her, but gets distracted so easily. He doesn't know what he wants and hasn't been himself for some time."

Oh and the plot thickens.

"Kelly got back in touch with Thom via email while he was still in a relationship with Jessica, but he chose not to reply.

"And it was only after Jessica was out of the picture that Kelly admitted she still has feelings for Thom.

"He hasn't met up with her yet but doesn't want to look like a fool for getting involved with her again. But it looks like they'll meet up early new year and see where they stand."