14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids' Parties: Jelly And Ice Cream With A £70k Price Tag

Kids' parties: Jelly and ice cream with a £70k price tag

The party planner who organises bashes for the likes of Elton John and Simon Cowell has revealed that parents are paying him £70,000 for babies' birthday parties.

The Mail reports that the parents of a set of twins forked out the ridiculous sum last year for their youngster's first birthday. Events planner Steven Duggan created an Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan-themed event for the babies, held in a marquee in the family's garden in London.

Steven told the paper that despite the price tag, there was nothing unusual about the do, and that he does 'about one a month'.

"[The 70k party] was about a month ago and for a private client," he told the paper, saying that non-celebs actually tended to flash more cash than their showbiz counterparts. "We were asked for a mix of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, so it was all themed around them. It was very colourful, with lots of props and lots of lighting effects."

He added that the money is spent to 'make that child feel totally special even though they don't know whats happening. The bigger they can have it, the better'.

"If it had been a for a 21st or something, it wouldn't have been such a talking point," he said of the Peter Pan and Alice themed-do.

The £70,000 bill also covered the cost of props, special lighting, a full buffet, and a 'vast Alice in Wonderland tiered cake'.

Steven said that his aim is to ensure no corner goes undecorated and that the 'client's dream design is realised as they imagined it', adding that parents want to create magical memories for their children.

£70k-worth of memories though?!