14/08/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids Spend SEVEN Hours A Day Using Consoles And Tablet Computers

Child on living room floor playing with Apple iPad touchscreen computer. Her name is Irene.

A survey has revealed that tech savvy kids are spending a whopping SEVEN hours a day attached to their consoles and tablet computers.

The study claims that school children rack up a staggering 50 hours a week glued to their tech devices.

The research also found that while over half of the families polled would like to have some 'techno time out', 7.3 million 'gadget' gifts will still be exchanged this Christmas.

Financial services group Foresters, who undertook the survey, found that consoles and video games will be the most popular present with a fifth of adults splashing out on them, followed by tablets and games consoles.

Surprisingly, given all their other gizmos, television still remains the top turn-on for entertainment purposes with under 16s, with kids notching up almost two hours a day in front of the box.

Tablets proved to be more popular than e-readers with children, who spend 48 minutes of their free time playing games, updating social networking sites or surfing the net compared with just 12 minutes reading on a Kindle or similar device.

Steve Dilworth from Foresters said that although technology is a useful and integral part of modern life, failure to unplug for just a short while each day can damage family communications and leave us feeling stressed and restless.

"It's not surprising that so many people have technology at the top of their Christmas lists, but just like those Christmas chocolates and mince pies, everything should be enjoyed in moderation," he said, advising families to 'switch off and head outside' once they've had a go on their new gadgets.

"After all, Christmas is all about quality family time, and there's no gadget that can improve family relationships quite like bonding time as a family," he added.