14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kim And Kanye's Wedding To Be WEEK-LONG Extravaganza

Well, nobody thought it was going to be just the two of them alone together at Gretna Green, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding is reportedly turning out to be the nuptials of the century.


We recently found out the wedding will take place in May (as opposed to July) and that KK would have not one but TWO couture dresses for her French chateau affair (bien sur).

And now, according to The Sun, the pair are turning the wedding into a week-long event.

The paper reports that planners are trying to line up Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Fergie and the Wu-Tang Clan to perform - just your average wedding singers, then.

On top of that, "the bash will also have acrobats, fire dancers and loads of fireworks – and may even have its own currency to spend at the Vegas-style casino".

Whether that's actually true we don't know, but one thing's for sure - it's going to be one hot ticket. *Waits patiently by the front door for invite*.