14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Wedding Invite Is Revealed, But Even Kris Jenner Hasn't Seen Kim's Dress Yet

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding is due to be one THE biggest celeb events of the year, so of course, plenty of unconfirmed rumours have doing the rounds. But thanks to the fact that their wedding invite has been circulating the internet in the last 24 hours, we can now clear up a few of them.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Us Weekly obtained the elusive piece of paper (well actually, it appears to be made of more of classy thick-stock card) and bar a few details fuzzed out for privacy purposes, it's pretty revealing.

Us Weekly

We now know that the Kimye nuptials will take place on the 25th of May, with guests invited to a pre-wedding dinner the night before in Paris, France. So we can assume that the rumours re. a French ceremony are true, unless the pair plan to jet all their guests elsewhere overnight.

Like the rest of the invite, the dress code is pretty succinct, simply requesting guests wear "Black Tie."

But as for Kim's big day attire, we're still just as clueless. She's remaining uncharacteristically coy on the matter, and while we can usually rely on her mum Kris Jenner for a few tit bits of gossip, even she's in the dark on the details.

Talking to E! News about Kim's dress she admitted: "I have not seen her wedding dress, I don't know how she looks in it. I'll see it for the first time when she puts it on at her wedding."

In fact, she said she's clueless about pretty much everything in regard to the big day, as "Kim and Kanye have done this all on their own and they've had the best time planning it and I know nothing."

So the usually in-the-know matriarch knows just about as much as us on this occasion. We guess we'll just have to wait for the wedding pics to drop.

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