14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kylie Minogue To Quit The Voice After One Series? (Noooo!)

Say it ain't so! Kylie Minogue is reportedly set to quit The Voice after just one series.

The actress has blamed work commitments and the "emotional" nature of the show for her (frankly heart-breaking) decision.

kylie-minogue-quitting-the-voice-one series

Kyles is already super-busy promoting her racy new single 'Sexercise' (watch the video in full here), as well as her first album for four years, Into The Blue. She'll be taking her new material on tour later this year and, subsequently, says she can't squeeze in the huge prime time TV commitment with her music schedule.

Speaking to The Sun, Kylie said: "I'm touring later this year and the timings wouldn't work. We started filming in November last year and I'm on tour in September, October and November this year."

When asked if she would go back if the BBC changed filming dates, she said: "I would have to think about it."

According to the Metro, she added: "Being on the show is a huge commitment. I have loved it although there have been parts which have been really difficult, too taxing and emotional. You can't second guess yourself. You deal with a lot of decisions and emotions."

Kylie took over from Jessie J in the judging hot seat last year on a reported £500,000 contract, and managed to attract millions more viewers to the show.

But it looks like her role on the show could be short-lived thanks to her Kiss Me Once tour.

However, the BBC hasn't given up on getting Kylie back for 2015, telling the Mirror: "Kylie is a fantastic addition to the coaching line up. We are aware of Kylie's touring commitments and are looking to accommodate them, so that if the series is recommissioned she could return to her coaching role. Discussions are still on going and it's too early to speculate as we've not finished this series yet."

Don't leave, Kylie! Desperate, us?

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