14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lady Gaga's New Hair Might Leave You Speechless

Warning: Lady Gaga has got new hair and it may take your eyes a minute to really come to terms with her latest look.

It's not just that it's super quirky, it's more that it's really quite confusing. There's a lot going on, and initially you may even wish that for once Mother Monster hadn't changed it up quite so much.

Lady Gaga

The 'Bad Romance' star has dyed her platinum locks black, shaved off a section at the back and was spotted strolling through New York with the remaining hair tied up in a top knot.

When fans actually realised it was her, a photo-taking frenzy followed - not that Gaga seemed bothered. The 28-year-old calmly continued her walk, clutching her French bulldog Asia and working an outfit only she could possibly get away with.

The star teamed her new hair with a fully sheer catsuit that was cut to the navel, black underwear and dramatic sparkly costume jewellery.

Just in case you were wondering - given she is currently on a break from her ArtRave tour - this is how Gaga dresses in her downtime. No pajamas here...

Lady Gaga Splash

But let's get back to the hair - what is the shaved back section about? In the past couple of years, we've witnessed the undercut trend (thanks Rihanna) and some stars are still on that bandwagon (we're looking at you Natalie Dormer). So, is this simply Undercut: Version 2.0?

It remains to be seen. If you'd do a Gaga and work this look, tweet us @MyDailyUK.

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