14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Le Edge £5 Skin Scraper Could Give You A Perfect Complexion

Le Edge, the £5 Australian skin scraper, could be the answer to a perfect complexion and flawless skin.

Hallelujah, your skin prayers have been answered. That's if you don't mind dragging a blunt metal blade across your face and body.

UPDATE: Since the time of writing the Le Edge skin scraper has doubled in price and sold out on Amazon. Does this mean it really works?

While we've often found ourselves wishing our go-to exfoliators would do a better job of getting rid of all the grime that finds its way into our pores, we're not convinced an instrument more suited to a car windscreen will to the trick.

The de-icing skin smoothing tool is inspired by an Ancient Roman curved metal bathing implement known as a strigil used before the existence of soap, to scrape oil, dirt and dead skin cells off the surface of the skin.

Watch the slightly odd trailer here:

Stroking the skin with the metal edges is thought to scrape away dead cells and residue left behind by creams and soaps, speeding up your skin's natural renewal process and leaving behind nothing but a glowing complexion.

However, if you're anything like us the word "scrape" in any beauty product description is enough to send you running for the hills and not the chemist to pick one up for yourself.

Developers claim Le Edge is better than any other exfoliator because it can be used on every part of your body (even your face and neck), renders potentially costly creams and gels redundant and lasts for a whole year.

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