14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lena Dunham's Red Carpet Style: Why This Star Deserves A Cracking Stylist For Awards Season

I have one wish for red carpet season 2014. I don't mind who wins or how controversial the hosts dare to be (I'm watching for fashion, you know?). I just want one thing: for Lena Dunham to have a cracking stylist.

She's frequently - and justifiably - referred to as the voice of her generation. Here's a woman who writes, produces and stars in her own HBO show Girls, who signed a book deal with Random House reportedly worth $3.5million in 2012 and campaigned for Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Lena Dunham Emmys 2013

She gets what it's like to be young and female today and portrays it fearlessly. Whether you love or hate Girls, no one can deny it has struck a much-needed chord in a schedule of Call The Midwife (too saintly), 2 Broke Girls (not funny, not relatable) and The Big Bang Theory (why are the three women in that show either underachieving, naggy or super intelligent but super weird?).

Now, there's even rumours the 27-year-old may be a US Vogue cover star before 2014 is out and she's nominated for Best Actress in a TV Comedy and Girls is up for Best TV Show at this year's Golden Globes.

And yet, without a better stylist it won't be Lena who's celebrated all over the media, as we learned in 2013. I'm pretty sure Stacy Keibler - George Clooney's guest - got more column inches during last year's red carpet season than Dunham. Why? Because Stacy wore a great dress - no matter that she was, to be blunt, a plus one.

Lena Dunham Golden Globes 2013

Meanwhile, Lena - wearing a chocolate brown off the shoulder Zac Posen gown for the Golden Globes and a teal floral printed Prada dress for the Emmys - was shoved off to the worst-dressed lists, her numerous achievements simply side notes to make way for styling disaster exclamations. Rather than being applauded as an amazing role model and talent, she was booed for what she wore. Truly, there's no justice.

This is why Lena must have a brilliant stylist for this year's award season. Someone who's going to put her in Dior or McQueen or something equally spectacular. Someone who gets that dressing Lena Dunham is big deal. It's not right that this is how women are judged, but wouldn't it just be wonderful to see her all over the front pages? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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