14/08/2014 16:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Let's Hear It For Another Nineties Trend: Socks And Slides

If you're still denying the Nineties revival trend it's time to wake up and slurp up the cherry Panda Pop. No really, things couldn't be more about nostalgia right now: the dungarees, the backpacks, the Baby Gs, the still (FOREVER) crushing on Adam Brody circa The OC's happening.

Consider then the latest throwback fashion item: slide sandals. The flat, slip-on sandals fresh from retro sports brand adidas Originals. And p.s you wear 'em with matchy socks.


Socks and sandals aka a HUGE fashion no-no right? Well, the haps is that all the cool kids are wearing them, Nineties born and raised or not.

There's so much hype around this footwear (Snoop slides West Coast style) that adidas have relaunched the look with their Adilette pool slides bringing home the #Socksnslides trend in a big way.

Here's four things to consider about slides before you make an impulse purchase...

1. Are they comfy? You know when you get that hurty thing in between your toes with regular flipflops? Not with these bad boys.

2. Would you really wear them if you weren't poolside or beach fronting or dating an East-End hipster?

3. A hot guy walks past wearing a pair, do you a) look on with intrigue b) want to chunder c) KNOW you can wear 'em better than any man do.

4. Did you still think Kevin McCallister was awesome after wearing his Dad's in Home Alone? For sure.

Sucker for an old school trend? Here's where to pick yourself up a pair of slides - question is, are you all in for the socks too?