14/08/2014 16:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lily Allen's 'Our Time': Five Things About The Singer's Latest Video

Lily Allen's just released a new music video for the latest track from her album Sheezus. 'Our Time' sees Lily rolling around London town in a black cab with three clones of herself, one of which is wearing a hotdog suit.

Yeah, it's kind of weird, but we wouldn't expect anything less of LA after her guns blazing return to the music biz. Before you sit back and watch Lily's latest offering, here's five things we noted about the new vid:

lily allen our time video

1. Lils looks better as a blonde. See what you think, but we reckon Lily should ditch the jet black/yellow pony look and dye her barnet Suki Waterhouse-esque blonde.

2. We wouldn't want to go partying with LA. Although we highly doubt this video is a true reflection of a standard night on the tiles a la Lily Allen, if all she does is drive around in a taxi until the break of dawn we'd rather sit it out.

3. You don't need to bring much if you're staying over at her place. While we normally like to bring flowers and/or a bottle of wine when playing house guest at someone else's place, all Lily requires is some "fags" and some "rizlas".

4. She girl fights like she's done it before. The instant hair pulling and the crying to the police afterwards... Looks like someone's familiar with a drunken girl-on-girl street brawl. #Justsayin'.

5. Lily clearly hasn't paid for a taxi in a while. After being chauffeured round the town from 2am until sunrise, Lily's cab only comes to £68.

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