14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lindsay Lohan Isn't In Kate Moss' Good Books

Kate Moss was left fuming after Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan got in touch with her musician husband Jamie Hince when she arrived in London back in March.

The 40-year-old supermodel was not best pleased when the actress contacted her husband and what's more, Moss was not afraid to voice her feelings.

Kate is thought to have confronted Linds at celebrity haunt, the Chiltern Firehouse, earlier this month with things ending in a heated debate/massive argument.

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"Lindsay and Kate had a huge row at the Chiltern Firehouse. People around them noticed it was going on," a source spilled to The Sun.

"The argument went on for a while and Kate seemed extremely annoyed with Lindsay for contacting Jamie. She was ranting about it to fellow diners at the restaurant."

Another insider added: "Kate wasn't happy when Lindsay arrived back in the UK.

"There's no love lost between them and she knew they'd bump into each other eventually as they're both out on the town so much."

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While we didn't have Mossy down as the jealous type, this isn't the first time Lindsay and Jamie have been linked.

At the end of last year, Li-Lo tweeted some shots taken in a recording studio while hinting at a secret project with Mr Moss.

And on Sunday she shared a picture of The Kills' album Satellite with the caption "#jamiehince #tomh #robbie #bigpink #studiotime."

Just the day before she'd dropped Jamie's name again with a pic of a well worn pair of shoes, writing: "Nice boots #jamiehince #thekills."

In the crazy world of celeb does hashtagging someone's name mean you're into them? Perhaps.

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