14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

LinkedUp! The Dating App Like Tinder That Finds A Match Via Your LinkedIn Profile

Want a date with a bloke with a job? Then forget Tinder and get yourself on LinkedUp! the dating app that's almost identical to the aforementioned uber popular hook up tool except it finds your match via LinkedIn not silly ol' Facebook.

It's time to blow off all the digital dust that's been settling on your LinkedIn profile and make yourself more attractive, not just to potential employers but to a potential spouse. Because let's face it, that's all we're really after!

LinkedUp!, which is currently only available for iOs devices, uses the information from your LinkedIn profile to connect you with potential husbands matches, filtering your preferences by job industry as well as age, proximity and gender.

Former investment banker, ​Max Fischer, who founded the free app, told the Wall Street Journal he believes LinkedUp! "is going to result in much higher-quality matches" than apps like Tinder. Why? Because people are worthless unless they're a lawyer or a broker. (Note: he didn't actually say that).

"People get a really true sense of where someone's from, what they do, and where they went to school, which are the main questions people ask in terms of dating," explained the 28-year-old dating app entrepreneur.

While we can certainly see the appeal of finding out what someone does for a living before deciding whether to perhaps, maybe, possibly, probably not go on a date with them, it has...

Mum: "Oh darling, why can't you find yourself a nice doctor/dentist/multimillionaire to look after you?"

... written all over it. Call us pessimistic. Plus, mixing business and pleasure can make for a total "HR nightmare", as one Twitter user commented and the idea of sexing up our LinkedIn profile makes our skin crawl.

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