Little Girl's Reaction To Getting A Puppy Is Priceless (Video)

When this mum and dad bought their daughter a puppy for as a birthday surprise, they knew she would be thrilled. But they didn't realise the experience would be so...overwhelming for the young animal-lover.

At the start of the home video, Braden and Leann Conner, who hail from Midland, Texas, get their daughter Suzanna to close her eyes and hold out her arms.

They then gently lower the pup into her hands and tell her to take a look.

Her reaction to getting her own dog is enough to melt the heart of any parent who's ever been able to make one of their child's dreams come true.

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Before she can even finish gasping 'Ohhhhh!', she has dissolved into tears. Full-on, red-faced, face-convulsing sobs. And she can't stop!

"We have a dog!" cries her younger sister Ryleigh, but the older girl can't even seem to form a coherent sentence as she cuddles the new puppy.

"What is it?" dad Braden eventually prompts, probably hoping to give his daughter a chance to catch her breath and soothe her outburst of emotion.

"It's a dog!" she manages to squeak breathlessly between sobs. "Thank you!"

The emotional video was uploaded to Youtube on Sunday (July 13), and since then has garnered over half a million views, with many commenters expressing nostalgia for their own beloved childhood pets.

​The Conners have named the little black Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle cross Mo - short for Moses, as a tribute to dad Braden's work as a pastor.