14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Little Shoes, Big Milestones

Little Shoes, Big Milestones

Did you know I have a degree? Or that I was a teacher? I have 12 GCSEs? 4 A-Levels...

You probably didn't, but before Holly I was really proud of the things I'd achieved in my life, the education, the job, the work... and I still am. But now, nothing I did before having Holly seems to compare to the joy, the pride and the awe I feel about having a child. A wonderfully, innocent, beautiful, loving and happy child.

When you become a parent you change instantly. The moment you give birth you will never ever be the same. This beautiful, innocent life is handed to you and the magic begins. You start to take notice when your own child sneezes, and burps and coughs, like those things are actually funny and worth pointing out to the world... but they are your own little milestones.

Last week me and Holly went on a girly shopping trip. Nothing huge, but it was for her first pair of shoes. On the recommendation of some wonderful Facebook mothers I took her to Clarks. They were wonderful with Holly. I didn't know what we needed, but they were so patient. Holly screamed like mad when they measured her feet, but they were great and distracted her. I love the first shoes box, and the picture they took is one for the baby book.

Holly was so proud of her shoes she wanted to show them to everyone. I did make a HUGE deal out of them and followed her around the shop with my camera. I was so gushing and proud that I even bought her wellies, just because they were just too cute...


The sad thing about it all is there will never ever be another pair of first shoes. There will first BIG school shoes, and first party shoes, high school shoes, boots, graduation shoes, wedding shoes? Who knows where those little feet will end up?!


Wherever they end up we will be so proud of her. We already are. But all those different shoes mean she'll grow up, she's 14 months old and walking around independently in her little purple shoes. When she's 30 I think I'll still be following her around and waiting to catch her when she falls.

For me that's what parenting is, being unconditionally proud and full of magical awe about the little things.

Here's to little shoes and big milestones.

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