Living Together: Five Things To Throw Away When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

Living Together: Five Things To Throw Away When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with a partner uncovers many things, from bad eating habits to learning about sharing a bathroom with a boy (it's much easier than you think.)

You'll also realise that between you, you've got a lot of rubbish. There's just no need for having two sets of pans, a couple of old toasters and at least 15 novelty mugs when you're trying to settle into a new home. Especially when you're already struggling for space and getting accustomed to half the wardrobe size you're used to.

Need a spring clean? Here's five things you should definitely throw away when cohabiting...

1. Magazines

You're probably really proud of your Vogue archive from 2005 onwards, but how often does it come in handy? It's time to let go of your inner Carrie Bradshaw now that you're living with your boyfriend. If you really can't bring yourself to throw your magazines away (they'll be a collector's item one day, won't they?) save a few of your favourite issues and put the rest out of the way in storage boxes.

2. Clothes

Your clothes can easily be put into two categories - there's everything you wear regularly and then all those things that haven't been touched since your university days. It's the items in the second pile that really need looking at. That sequin halter-neck top might have sentimental value after wearing it on many an amazing night out, but are you really going to go near it again? You're in a serious relationship. Your pulling days are over. It's time to ditch your old clubbing clothes. The same goes for the multiple sloppy t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms you've been hoarding over the years. Invest in some actual pyjamas instead.

3. Presents from an ex

Dried flowers, theatre programmes, cinema tickets - they're reminders of good times in a previous relationship but guess what? It's time to move on! It's also a sure-fire way to make your current boyfriend feel totally uncomfortable when he stumbles across your 'reminders from my ex' scrapbook in the first few weeks of living together.

4. Useless household items

If you've recently gone through an obsession with shopping at flea markets or second-hand stores, it's likely you'll have picked up a fair few household objects that look pretty, but you rarely ever use. Have you actually put any salt and pepper in your vintage shakers? Nope. When was the last time you used the mis-matched teacups that you bought without any saucers? Er, never. Does anyone need more than one wicker basket? Unless you've got endless space to display them (and let's face it, they all look the same), the answer is no.

5. Food you've been keeping for far too long

When you make the transition from one flat to another, you'll realise how many cans of soup you've been storing, just in case your local shop runs out one day. And those jars of dried herbs? They're just not as potent three years down the line and no, they don't make you look like a culinary genius. Empty out your food cupboard and start from scratch - after all, joint supermarket trips are all part of the fun of living together!



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