14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014: J.W. Anderson

There's something really quite punk about how conservative J.W. Anderson's Autumn/Winter collection 2014 is. In an age when "showing off" something is paramount to being noticed, the designer covers models head-to-toe.

Despite the tendency to reward the most elaborate creations with the most attention, Anderson simplifies. And, of course, it's this courage to be clean and simple that makes his designs stand out so much.

JW Anderson London Fashion Week

Yes, you know deep down some poor sod was teasing out those limp-hair-don't-care ponytails backstage for hours.

Of course, you realise the effort to not be extravagant only truly makes such an impact in the context of London Fashion Week. But you love it all the same - and here's why.

1. The Japanese-style band binding tailored jackets.

2. The palette. Mostly neutral, very clean - you would buy something from this collection and wear it forever. Particularly the brilliant bright winter white gown.

3. The modesty. Funnel necks, perfectly cut trousers and long - sometimes floor-length - skirts. It's enough to make you fill your wardrobes with roll-necks. Imagine a sort of futuristic puritan and you're almost there.

4. The details. It was all in the ruching and precise structure.

5. The complete absence of smoke and mirrors. It's an incredibly lean collection with a very specific look. Anderson's not trying to cover all bases or have at least one look everyone will rave about - he's got a vision and he executed it beautifully.

See all the looks from the show below: