14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Look At The Change! Young Stars Of Outnumbered Have Outgrown Parents

Hat Trick - Photographer: Colin Hutton

We never notice our own children changing as they grow up because we see them every day, so it was quite a shock to see the transformation of the young stars of Outnumbered when it returned to our screens last night.

Fans have seen actors Tyger Drew-Honey, who plays Jake, Ramona Marquez, who plays Karen, and Daniel Roche, Ben, steadily mature during its six year run.

But as the show about beleaguered parents Sue and Pete Brockman and their three children – Jake, Karen and Ben – started its final six-week run, the kids have virtually outgrown their on-screen mum and dad.

The most significant change has happened to 12-year-old Ramona, who was seven when the sitcom first aired. She looked markedly different to the primary school pupil we first saw, with her tousle-haired locks replaced with a brunette fringe.

Ramona, winner of the Best Female Comedy Newcomer Award at the British Comedy Awards in 2009, is now an adolescent with a pet hamster called Tommy.

Hat Trick.

Oldest child Tyger has turned into a handsome 18-year-old – and the actor in question has enjoyed consistent TV work since making his first appearance in the BBC show.

Co-star Daniel has also grown significantly from the eight-year old boy who first graced our screens. The actor, now 14, has shot up in height – even appearing to be taller than screen father Hugh Dennis.

Outnumbered bows out having won numerous awards, amongst them the British Comedy Guide Editors Award at The Awards in 2007 and the Royal Television Society Award for Scripted Comedy.

Despite being set in leafy, middle-class Chiswick, West London, the show is filmed further south in Wandsworth.