14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Loom Band Trend Goes Too Far: Man Selling 'Loomkini' Thong On Ebay

Meet Sam Innes, the guy trying to take the loom band trend to another level with the "loomkini". Yes, we're talking a multicoloured rubber band thong and he's selling it on Ebay.

Driven by the huge success of loom bands, worn by stars like Prince Harry, David Beckham and Kate Middleton, Innes decided to cash in on the trend.

While we're all for the latest in lingerie - we love those vagina pants and couldn't be more psyched about Britney Spears' debut underwear collection - the "loomkini" thing is really not grabbing us. Plastic between buttocks? Nope.

You have until Friday 25th July to bag this bizarre item on Ebay. Despite being listed as, "new without tags" with a starting rate of £30, it's yet to get any bids. Shocker.

Hats off to the budding designer for putting in over 24 hours to create his kooky "loomkini" from hundreds of bands though.

This week news broke that the loom-band dress (made from 20,000 bands) somewhat predictably didn't actually sell because the top bidder pulled out of paying the £170,100.

OK, it may be a trend - but this whole "loomkini" thing? Never going to happen.

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